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MALECÓN was established in 2002 and has since then grown as a leading provider of events, dance classes / shows, language courses and travel.

The Cuban singer and musician Isaac Delgado wrote this in a song about the seaside esplanade MALECÓN in Havana. Delgado himself named one of his records is titled “MALECÓN”. It is evident that Delgado carries with him the memory of MALECÓN now that he lives abroad. Seaside esplanades can be found in all costal cities. The Cubans go to MALECÓN at night in order to breathe in the fresh sea air, or to fish and maybe catch a “Dorado”.

Malecón Havana, Cuba

Malecón – The Social Meeting Place

You go to MALECÓN to talk to your friends, enjoy a glass of Rum, Dance, Read a novel or perhaps spend the night alongside the person you love. From MALECÓN you can look out towards the Caribean and the World. And just like Isaac Delgado, You will always wish to return. The organization “MALECÓN” is a social meeting point for communication, dancing and music, especially related to Cuba.

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    Whether you want to experience a bit of Cuba in Oslo, I recommend the Malecón on the hottest.

    Trude Mostue - TV-celebrity


    MALECÓN aims to promote knowledge, experience and understanding of the cultural values that exist in Cuba and in Latin America. We make this happen by stimulating a memorable, active and joyful experience with live Cuban traditions outside Cuba.

    MALECÓN promotes this by:

    The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) will be safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning:

    • At least 90% of all members will feel connected and have a sense of belonging to our environment.
    • Providing workshops, conferences and courses (dancing, language, etc.) related to several cultural aspects.
    • Being an instigator of cultural exchange with Cuba.
    • Providing information about, and creating an interest in, Cuba, Latin America and the rest of the World.
    • Supporting projects, people and organizations in Cuba and Latin-America.
    • Being an including and cross-cultural meeting point.
    • Operating both in Norway and Internationally.

    Cuban Sunset

    There were fourteen eventful days in Havana. Lots of dance, life and music. Meeting with a new and different culture and meet with people that made an impression.

    Hege Fostvedt
    MALECÓN Customer

    MALECÓN also operates in other areas such as., Photography, public relations marketing, hosting, staffing, consulting, translation services, and guiding among other.

    MALECÓN is in addition an online education company that offers self-paced and instructor-led online courses for writing, design, and business professionals.

    Our courses offer professionals the opportunity to upgrade their skills in technical writing, business writing, UX design, usability, XML, and Web technologies.

    MALECÓN Interim Founder

    José Arturo Leguén Lores

    MALECÓN is established in order to act as a cultural meeting point between Norway and Cuba. José Arturo Leguén Lores, who is in charge of MALECÓN also today, is the founder of the organization. Examples of non-profit work that MALECÓN has been involved in are cultural exchange programs, aid given to Cuba and agreements with several Cuban Official Institutions. The organization was established based on a wish to strengthen and develop this kind of non-profit work. MALECÓN was founded in order to promote knowledge, experience and understanding of the cultural values found in Cuba and Latin-America.



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